A torsion spring similar to ones used on Nerf blasters.

A torsion spring is a spring variant. It is mainly used in Nerf Vortex disc blasters and is the force behind the firing mechanism.


Unlike a regular spring, a torsion spring is powered by "torsion", or twisting, power. The spring is twisted around in a spiral or coil. Its energy is released when the spring untwists. The torsion springs within a Vortex blaster are helical torsion springs

When a blaster with a torsion spring is primed, it tightens the coils of the spring. When the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and snaps forward, causing the internals to activate and fire an XLR Disc.


Torsion springs were first used on the 2011 Vortex line.

Torsion springs were later used for three blasters in the 2014 Zombie Strike line, the second line to do so not counting the Multishot Madness or Light It Up sub-series.

Torsion springs were revisited again in RIVAL blasters, however, these torsion springs are used to increase performance, as RIVAL blasters still use a plunger.

Blasters with torsion springs

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