Total X-Stream Air is a series of Lanard dart blasters.



The Total X-Stream Air series was launched alongside a series of water blasters with a similar name ("Total X-Stream").



Image Name Year
TotalXStreamAir BallBlaster Ball Blaster 2007

[citation needed]

BallisticShooter Ballistic Shooter ?
TotalXStreamAir BallisticShooter Ballistic Shooter X-8 ?
BigSalvo Big Salvo ?
BlastBazooka box Blast Bazooka ?
BlastBow Blast Bow ?
ClipShot Clip Shot ?
TotalXStreamAir CosmicThruster Cosmic Thruster ?
TotalXStreamAir CrankingCannon Cranking Cannon ?
DiscBlaster Disc Blaster ?
TotalXStreamAir DoubleBarrel Double Barrel ?
FireShot Fire Shot ?
TotalXStreamAir FirstShot First Shot ?
HandCannon Hand Cannon ?
TotalXStreamAir JAMBlaster J.A.M. Blaster ?
MaxShot Max Shot ?
OverUnder-bluegreen Over Under ?
PopDart Pop Dart ?
TotalXStreamAir RapidFireRevShot Rapid Fire Rev Shot ?
Unknown Ring Accelerator ?
TotalXStreamAir Rotator Rotator X-8 ?
TotalXStreamAir ShellShock Shell Shock X-6 ?
ShotGun Shot Gun ?
SlamShotRocket Slam Shot Rocket ?
SlingshotLanardBox Slingshot ?
TotalXStreamAir SonicBazooka Sonic Bazooka ?
TotalXStreamAir SpeedLoader Speed Loader ?
StealthShotBoxNew Stealth Shot ?
TriBlaster Tri-Blaster ?
TubeMissile Tube Missile ?
TripleShotLanard Triple Shot (Lanard) ?
TwinBarrel box Twin Barrel ?
TotalXStreamAir ZipShot Zip Shot ?


Image Name Year
LanardScatterBlast Scatter Blast ?

Product sets

Image Name Year
Unknown Ball Blaster & Over Under Combo Set ?
UltimateBlastersset Ultimate Blasters ?
Unknown Ultimate Triple Shots ?



Main article: Clear-X

The Clear-X sub-series, similar to the Nerf N-Strike Clear Series, features blasters re-released with a semi-translucent white color scheme.

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