The Touchdown Alarm Clock is a Nerf electronic clock. It is designed to look like a red Weather Blitz Football.


It is made out of the same rubber material the Weather Blitz Football is made out of. The football has a black stand on it, which prevents it from being used as a regular football. It contains a digital screen along with buttons for adjusting the time and alarm time.

It also has a demo mode, which allows for four different sounds to be cycled around with the "snooze" button. It has two sound level settings.


The Touchdown Alarm Clock first surfaced on Amazon in 2010, a possible date of release for the product.

The item has now been listed as discontinued on Amazon.[1] A very similar concept would later be used on the Alarm Clock Radio, a possible successor to this product.



  1. Amazon: Nerf N105R Football Alarm Clock (Discontinued by Manufacturer).

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