A training jersey is a Nerf accessory that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series.

It can be found in multiple value packs, such as the 2-Player Starter Pack, 1-Player Pack and the Deluxe 2-Player Starter Pack. The training jersey was also released for separate purchase in 2012.


The training jerseys are very plain and features only one Dart Tag logo on the front. Unlike the Dart Tag vest and official competition jersey, it does not feature any Velcro whatsoever and simply is a shirt for team play. Despite this, Tagger Micro Darts and Tagger Micro Whistler Darts will still stick to the shirt when fired at. They come in one size that fits most.

Color schemes

The Training Jersey has been released under the following color schemes:

  • Black/blue
  • Black/orange
  • Gray/blue