The Triple Aggressor is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2004 under the SoakerTag series.


It is a three-in-one soaker that includes three methods of soaking an opponent; a large, air-powered soaker, a small squirt gun, and an included SoakerBall. The three combine together to give the soaker its name, as all three can be contained in one soaker.

It is the largest soaker in the series, not counting the XP-310 and CPS 4100, both re-releases from previous series.

Large soaker

The large soaker is the biggest part of the soaker and the part the other soakers are attached to. The soaker features a sharp design and an external pump, as well as a spot to rest one's hand in the front of the soaker. The firing trigger section features a slightly small handle and another handle in front of it.

The large soaker features one nozzle.

Small soaker

The small soaker is a squirt gun similar to the 2013 Alphafire. It is pressured and intakes water from the base soaker, and attaches onto the left side of the soaker. It is held in place by a switch.

There is also no way to drain it once it has been de-pressurized.


Main article: SoakerBall

The SoakerBall is an accessory that was included with the Triple Aggressor, as well as a bonus with other SoakerTag soakers. Similar to the Nerf Hydro Ball, it is a ball that can be filled with water to throw at an enemy. It is stored in an area at the bottom of the soaker.

Once the soaker is pumped, some of the water travels down into the area the ball is located, soaking the ball. The area the ball is in can also be shut to keep the ball moist.


It was originally released in 2004, but was re-released several times into the 2005 SoakerTag Elite line, and the 2006 Max Infusion line. It was not continued into 2008's unnamed line and is assumed to be dropped from future plans.

It can be considered the successor to the EES Turbine, a 2003 soaker released under the EES series. The soakers are both the largest in their series, and both share an air-pressurized system.

Color schemes

The Triple Aggressor has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Purple, orange and silver
  • Red, blue and silver (Max Infusion)