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Triple Aggressor
Soaker typeAir-pressurized Combination Super SoakerTripleAgressor
FeaturesFast-fill cap, two valve switches, mini blaster, SoakerBall
Firing rangeThe Triple Aggressor has a firing range of about twenty-three feet, while the mini blaster has a range of about twenty feet.[1] Angling the blaster helps to increase ranges; this makes the Triple Aggressor fire up to thirty-six feet,[2] while the mini blaster fires up to twenty-two feet.
ReliabilityThere is no way of supporting the blaster up in any way when filling the Triple Aggressor up. There is also no way to drain the mini blaster once it is de-pressurized. The exposed pump may also pose a problem as it is more susceptible to breaking if it were to fall on the pump area.
CapacityThe Triple Aggressor holds up to sixty-seven fl. oz. (2L) of water in its tank.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Triple Aggressor is a good blaster with three unique ways to soak one's opponents. Despite its shortcomings, it more than makes them up for with its uniqueness, range and capacity.


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