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Triple Shot
Soaker typeAir-powered water soakerTripleShot
FeaturesNozzle selector with three settings (large stream, small stream, fan)
Firing rangeThis soaker fires about twenty-one feet flat with the large stream setting, eighteen feet flat with the small stream, but a pitiful eleven feet flat with the fan setting.[1] When angled, the soaker can hit up to thirty-four feet with the large stream, twenty-three feet with the small stream, and a mere thirteen feet with the fan setting.[1] Angling does help the soaker's range, however, twenty-one feet flat is a range to be commended from such a small soaker.
ReliabilityIt has a limited overall capacity, its reservoir prevents refilling without first depressurizing, has no strap or any sling points, and is unable to face larger soakers.
CapacityThis soaker holds a maximum of sixteen fluid ounces (480mL) at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Triple Shot serves well as a small sidearm. It makes a good successor to the Liquidator of the previous series.


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