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The Triple Strike is a pump-action Nerf blaster that was released in 1999 under the Airjet Power series.

It comes packaged with six Screamin' Arrows.


It fires special types of arrows that "scream" when flying through the air. The blaster can fire its three arrows one at a time or all of them at once. It can hold three extra arrows via arrow holders above the blaster.


The blaster itself was the first and only blaster to fire Screamin' Arrows.[1]

A photo of the Triple Strike in black exists on the internet although the background of this particular variant of the blaster is unknown; it has never surfaced in a physical state.

Reloading and firingEdit

To reload the Triple Strike, simply insert three arrows over the top of the posts at the front of the blaster. Pump the blaster thirty times to prime the blaster.[1]

Pull the trigger to fire the arrows.




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