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Triple Torch
Blaster typeSingle-fire direct plunger arrow/dart blaster100 5805
Ammunition typeMega Darts, Micro Darts, Triple Torch arrow
FeaturesIntegrated dart holders, integrated arrow holder
Firing rangeMega Darts fire distances of about twenty five feet. The Triple Torch arrow fires about the same ranges as Mega Darts. Micro Darts can achieve great distances of forty feet.[1]
ReliabilityThe Triple Torch cannot jam. All ammo types fired from this blaster have decent accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a rate of fire of about one shot every two seconds.
CapacityThis blaster holds one arrow and five darts at a time. In addition to this, another advantage of the blaster is that it is also compatible with SuperMAXX Darts.[2]
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Triple Torch, if looked at all of its ammo types, is an average blaster. It fires Mega Darts and its unique arrows at less than average ranges. However, it fires Micro Darts incredibly well. In fact, this blaster is recommended for exclusive use of Micro Darts.


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