The Turbo Fire is a single-fire Zuru blaster that was released in 2011 under the X-Shot series.

It comes packaged with twenty X-Shot Darts.


The Turbo Fire took over the spot of largest blaster in the X-Shot line, which was previously held by the Thundershot, although today the Scope has been released in a larger size. This blaster, unlike the blasters in the original X-Shot line that fire both darts and water, only fires darts and no other ammunition type. It features a built-in drum similar to that of a Buzz Bee Automatic Tommy 20, and has a dart blocker to help reduce jams and misfires. The blaster features a built-in stock, and is primed by a pump at the front of the blaster.

The blaster itself is of moderate size, comparable to other large-class blasters, and features an original design. There is a small nub on the top of the blaster facing back at the player. This nub doesn't serve any purpose and is merely there for cosmetics. On the top of the blaster is a makeshift tactical rail, although no accessories have been released in the X-Shot line that would be compatible with said rail. This blaster is the first in the line not to use more than one type of ammunition; previous X-Shot blasters fired both water and darts, and later blasters fired both darts and discs.

The blaster was going to feature an ammunition storage area in the stock of the blaster, as shown by prototype shots, however in the final version, it lacks this storage area. It is unknown how many darts would have been able to be stored in the stock, however when looking in the internals of the blaster, no such area to store darts is present.


This blaster was released in late 2011 one of the follow-ups to the first three blasters to be released under the X-Shot line, alongside the Dual. This blaster was re-released under the Air Zone line in 2012; performance remained unchanged.

In late 2013, three new X-Shot lines were introduced (X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Girl, and X-Shot Zombie), consisting of some re-released versions of previous X-Shot blasters as well as new blasters. The Turbo Fire was re-released in two out of the three lines, being released under the X-Shot Excel and X-Shot Zombie lines. For these new lines, the Turbo Fire was packaged with new Excel Darts. The Turbo Fire was also re-released in 2013 with updated internals and claims of 65-foot ranges.

Color schemes

The Turbo Fire has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Standard (green, black, and orange)
  • X-Shot Zombie (white, black, and orange)
  • X-Shot Excel (yellow, blue, and orange)
  • Air Zone (red, black, and orange) (stripes or no stripes)

Value packs

The Turbo Fire has been released in a twin-pack. As well, an X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire and Micro twin-pack has also been released which comes packaged with six target cans and ammunition for both blasters.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Turbo Fire, simply load twenty darts into the drum. Be sure to press all the darts as far into the drum as possible, or they may jam up when cocking the blaster. Pull the handle at the front back until a click is heard, and release forward.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


  • The Turbo Fire has the highest capacity out of any X-Shot blaster released as of yet.
  • The Turbo Fire comes in more colors than any other X-Shot blaster released as of yet.
  • For unknown reasons, the Air Zone variant of the Turbo Fire with stripes was renamed "Turbo Fire 20 Shot" according to the packaging. While obviously pointing out the capacity as an advertising point, it is unknown why the Air Zone variant was renamed.


TurboFirePackaging TurboFireAirZone2 TurboFirePrototype
The full image gallery for Turbo Fire may be viewed at Turbo Fire/Gallery.

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