The Turbo Screamer Flying Disk is a Nerf product that was released in 1992 under the Nerf Sports series.


The Turbo Screamer Flying Disk is a flying disc made of Nerf foam with three plastic pieces on the wings of the disk, which emit a buzzing noise when thrown. This is the reason for the "Screamer" part of the name. This humming piece is still featured today on some products, and was common throughout the Vortex football line.

The disc itself has a design on the wings reminiscent of blades, to help not only with aesthetics but also aerodynamics.


This product is the successor to the 1987 Unidentified Floppy Object and, in turn, was spiritually succeeded by the Weather Blitz Flyer.

While it received a release in 1992, it was copyrighted in 1991. As this product did not appear within 1993 catalogs, it is possible it could have been discontinued by that time.

Color schemes

The Turbo Screamer Flying Disk was released in the following color schemes;

  • Yellow and green
  • Purple and green