The twenty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum.

One comes packaged with either the Rampage, Hyperfire, or a special value pack version of the Zombie Strike Slingfire (exclusive to Kohl's in the United States and to Galeria Kaufhof department stores in Germany) Two come packaged with the Rhino-Fire and four come packaged with its "Double Your Darts" variant. It cannot be purchased separately in stores.


As the name would suggest, it can hold up to twenty-five Elite Darts. It is larger than the eighteen dart drum and smaller than the thirty-five dart drum. Unlike other drums that attach to blasters at their sides, the twenty-five dart drum connects to a blaster at its center. It is also compatible with Streamline Darts.

It features a centered design when compared to the previous thirty-five dart drum and eighteen dart drum.


As this comes packaged with the Rampage, it is generally assumed this is the successor to the thirty-five dart drum, the drum packaged with the Rampage's predecessor, the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35.

Color schemes and other variations

There are several variations of the twenty-five dart drum:

  • Original (follower cast in black plastic, painted black center of the drum, painted orange "N-Strike Elite" and "Nerf" logos, painted black "Front" inscription; available with the original release of the N-Strike Elite Rampage)
    • Sub-variation: The United States release has the sculpted trademark ™ next to the large "N-Strike Elite" logo painted orange as well. The European release leaves the trademark ™ unpainted, but sports a sculpted "CE" logo on the back which the US version lacks.
  • Sonic ICE (follower cast in orange plastic, lighter gray plastic than all other versions, painted medium gray center of the drum, unpainted light gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, painted orange "Nerf" logo, painted orange "Front" inscription; available with the Sonic ICE version of the Rampage)
    • Sub-variation: While the Sonic ICE Rampage was never officially available in Europe, there is a minor variation the the United States release itself that leaves the small "Nerf" logo unpainted and completely lacks the sculpted trademark ™.
  • "Economy" version 1 (follower cast in black plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted dark gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, painted black "Front" inscription; available with the 2014 "economy" version of the Rampage and a store exclusive version of the Zombie Strike Slingfire)
    • Sub-variation: Like the original version, the European release leaves the sculpted trademark ™ unpainted while the US release lacks the sculpted "CE" logo on the back. Curiously, the version available with the European release of the Zombie Strike Slingfire value pack is the US edition.
  • "Economy" version 2 (follower cast in orange plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted black "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, unpainted "Front" inscription; available with the Rhino-Fire)
    • Sub-variation: Once again, painted trademark ™ for the US release, sculpted "CE" logo for the European release.
  • Orange version (logos in black, rest of body is orange; available with the HyperFire)

The Rampage variants can be easily told apart from the packaging: The original version depicts an older Nerf model, the newer version a younger Nerf model.[1]



  1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage: Original vs. 2014 at the Ofensau blog.

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