The Ultimator is a Mattel blaster that was released in 1994.

It comes packaged with two Ballista Missiles.


The Ultimator is a very large blaster, measuring just over thirty inches in length, making it somewhat resemble a bazooka. Invented by Caleb Chung, Steve Fouke, John Handy, Terry Benson and Nathan Proch at Mattel, it is a spring-powered blaster, but instead of a compression spring, it features an extending spring. 

Unlike Nerf blasters at the time, which used darts, arrows, missiles and/or Ballistic Balls, the Ultimator fires special Ballista Missiles, which are very large in size. Below the barrel is a space where an extra Ballista Missile can be stored.

The blaster is highly regarded for its firepower, with an astounding 120 foot firing range, which was farther than any other blaster of its time.


The Ultimator was released in 1994 as Mattel's answer to the Nerf brand. It was the only blaster to fire Ballista Missiles at the time until the release of the Maximizer, which was released the same year.

Even after its discontinuation, the blaster remained popular among the Nerfing community for its range and power. Nowadays, it is a very rare blaster and is usually sold for very high prices on auctioning sites. 

Color schemes

The Ultimator has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Purple, black and yellow
  • Purple, black and lime green

Reloading and firing

To reload the Ultimator, insert one Ballista Missile onto the muzzle of the blaster. To prime the blaster, ratchet the priming lever on top it several times until the spring has extended completely into the stock.

Simply pull the trigger to fire.


  • There is an expression in the Nerfing community that "if the recoil is too much, one is holding the Ultimator too close to his face."

Official videos


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