Ultra-Tek is a sub-series of Buzz Bee Air Warriors blasters that was released in 2015.


Similar to the Air Warriors EXTREME sub-series, the Ultra-Tek sub-series features blasters with boosted performance to that of standard Air Warriors blasters.

Ultra-Tek products


Name Year
Brute Brute 2015
Champion Champion 2015
UTgem 10.01.40 PM Gem 2015
Predatorultratek Predator 2016
Protector Protector 2015
Sentinel Sentinel 2015
Sidewinder grey Side Winder 2015
Snipe Snipe 2015
Star Star 2015
CyclonicHD Cyclonic 2016
Utdestiny Destiny 2016
NightTek Night Tek 2016
Reapergreenslide Reaper 2016
UTwizard Wizard 2015


Name Year
14sizeultdart Long Distance Dart Refill Pack 2015
Gem2pack Gem 2-Pack 2015
Blueandgrayprotector Protector 2-Pack 2015
Wizard2pack Wizard 2-Pack 2015
Star reaper gem set Star/Reaper/Gem Set 2016