The Unidentified Floppy Object is a Nerf product that was released in 1987, two years before the release of the first Nerf blaster.


The Unidentified Floppy Object is a flying disc not made of Nerf foam, but instead a flexible plastic that would allow the disc to be bent in half, or as the title suggests, flop. The Unidentified Floppy Object has grips on the side of it to allow it to be caught easier.

Included within the package is a sheet of alien stickers, all of which have their own separate names and pictures. Certain packages came packaged with a $12.00 rebate off any of the listed Nerf products on the back.


This product was spiritually succeeded by the 1992 Turbo Screamer Flying Disk and the Weather Blitz Flyer.

Color schemes

The Unidentified Floppy Object was released in the following color schemes;

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Red


  • The name is obviously a play on "unidentified flying object", a term that is used to describe any flying object that hasn't been officially identified yet.
  • The Unidentified Floppy Object was the first flying disc product produced by Nerf.


UnidentifiedFloppyObjectBox UnidentifiedFloppyObjectGray UnidentifiedFloppyObjectStickers
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