The Vaporizer is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2004 under the SoakerTag series.


It is a piston-based water soaker that advertises that with it, you can "vaporize your competition". The soaker itself works on a simple, piston system and features a tracked pump. It is notably for being packaged on simple cardboard, which was changed starting with the Max Infusion series.

Alongside the Helix, it was the only piston-based series of the series. It was one the longest-lasting soakers out of the entire SoakerTag lineup, being produced in three further series.


It was originally released in 2004, but was re-released several times into the 2005 SoakerTag Elite line, the 2006 Max Infusion line, and the 2008 unnamed line. It was not continued into 2010's Soaker Wars line and is assumed to be dropped from future plans.

The reason for it not being continued into the Nerf Super Soaker line is possibly because its position and techniques were replaced by various other piston soakers. In recent years, piston soakers have become more commonly produced and because of this, a large amount of them have been introduced following this soaker's introduction.

Color schemes

The Vaporizer has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Teal, gray and white
  • Green, blue and orange (SoakerTag Elite)
  • Yellow, green and blue (Max Infusion)
  • Green, blue and black (2008 series)
  • Blue, green and black (2008 series)


VaporizerSoakerTag Vaporizer2008-2 VaporizerMaxInfusion-2
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