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Blaster typeSingle-fire torsion spring disc blasterVigilonnew
Ammunition typeXLR discs
FeaturesIntegrated magazine, one tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Vigilon has excellent range, easily reaching fifty feet. When slightly angled, it reaches eighty feet.
ReliabilityThe blaster only jams if one tries to put in more than five discs into the chamber. Other than that, it will almost never jam. The only other drawback to this blaster is that it's very awkward to reload for left-handed users, as the load door only slides down on the left hand side.
It has great accuracy indoors; however, outside breezes decrease the accuracy. This is a problem for many Nerfers, because the added range cannot be exploited well indoors, and the accuracy is lower outdoors. The firing mechanism is exactly the same as the one for the Praxis, and therefore so is its accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a rate of fire of about two discs per second, if one has their hand on the slide as opposed to holding the Vigilon like a pistol.
CapacityThe blaster is recommended to hold five discs, but it can squeeze a sixth one in. Should a disc be loaded in the chamber already, then a maximum of seven discs can be achieved.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassA good indoor blaster, the Vigilon is perfect for almost anyone. It can be used in virtually any situation due to its size and range. However, if there is a fan going, or a slight natural breeze, this blaster is not recommended.

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