Voltage Modd

Changing the standard Stampede voltage with more powerful rechargeable batteries.

A voltage modification is a type of blaster modification that is done on electronic blasters. It is the process of replacing the stock battery voltage with a higher performance one, allowing for a boost in blaster performance. Popular blasters to perform voltage modifications on are the Barricade RV-10, Rayven CS-18, Stampede ECS, and the Vulcan EBF-25.


On average, electronic blasters have a stock voltage of between 4.5 and 9 V. When voltage is modified, a blaster's firing range and rate of fire are greatly increased. New motors for the firing mechanism are required if the voltage is increased further than twelve volts.

It is notable that when the voltage is increased, the inaccuracy and noise output of the blaster also heavily increase. The higher the voltage levels, the lower the accuracy and the more noise is emitted due to the increase in speed at which the internals are performing. Jams will also be more common when using a much higher voltage.