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Bend the rules of battle.

Vortex is a series of Nerf disc blasters that was released on September 10, 2011.


Nerf Vortex 2011 commercial (Long Form version)00:56

Nerf Vortex 2011 commercial (Long Form version)

The official Vortex commercial.

It advertises as having "never-before-seen XLR-disc technology", giving these blasters "progressive styles, enhanced performance, and unparalleled Nerf power".

Overall, these blasters have a huge sixty foot stock range compared to N-Strike's advertised thirty-five foot stock range. However, the extreme range is countered by the discs' decreased flight speed after fifteen to twenty feet, making them much easier to evade. In addition, the entire line of blasters makes the assumption that the blaster is completely and steadily upright otherwise the discs curve left or right and have much less range.

Vortex products


Image Name Year
Nitronnew Nitron 2011
Praxisnew Praxis 2011
Protonnew Proton 2011
Vigilonnew Vigilon 2011
Pyragon Pyragon 2012
Revonix360edit Revonix360 2013


Image Name Year
Vortextechkit Vortex Tech Kit 2011
Vortex Ammo belt kit Ammo Belt Kit 2012
Fireflytechkit Firefly Tech Kit 2013


Light It Up

Main article: Light It Up

The Light It Up sub-series is part of both the Vortex series and the N-Strike series. The Lumitron was released under this series and featured the use of glow-in-the-dark discs.

Multishot Madness

Main article: Multishot Madness

The Multishot Madness sub-series is part of both the Vortex series and the N-Strike Elite series. The Diatron was released under this series and featured the ability to fire two discs at once.

Sonic Series

Main article: Sonic Series

The Sonic Series sub-series features blasters made with translucent green plastic that allows users to see the internals of the blaster. Originally an N-Strike only series, three Vortex blasters were re-released as Sonic blasters in 2012.


Nerf Vortex First Look00:23

Nerf Vortex First Look

"First Look" video of the Vortex blasters.

  • Some stores accidentally released Vortex blasters before the supposed 9/10/11 release date. Nerf, instead of trying to cover up the leak, embraced it. After the leak, the release date idea was almost completely dropped from advertisements.
  • It is believed that the line, with green and orange color scheme and "cyber camo", is intended to be an alien technology-looking blaster, in contrast with N-Strike's modern weapon look.
  • The blasters are drastically thicker than N-Strike blasters due to the nature of disc launching. This makes them less effective for stealth and bulky for casually carrying the smaller ones.
    Nerf Vortex Uncover More Details!00:29

    Nerf Vortex Uncover More Details!

    A follow-up video to the "First Look" video.

  • Despite the Nitron being the "flagship" of the Vortex line, many prefer the Praxis over it.
  • They were first released in Australia.
  • The Pyragon seems to be the most powerful blaster in the line. This is because it has a stronger torsion spring. The discs fired from this blaster travel faster and further.

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