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Vulcan EBF-25
Also known as: Havok Fire EBF-25
Performance information
Blaster typeElectronic belt fed dart blaster (motorized direct plunger)
Stock ammunition typeWhistler Darts
Elite Darts
Stock capacity25 (belt)
Size30" x 11.5" x 9.25" (76.2cm x 29.21cm x 23.49cm)
Weight7.7 lb (3.49kg)
Release information
Year released2008
Average retail price44.99
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The Vulcan EBF-25 (known in Europe as the Havok Fire EBF-25) is an electronic belt fed Nerf blaster that was released in 2008 under the N-Strike series. It requires six "D" batteries to fire automatically.

It comes packaged with a twenty-five dart belt, tripod, ammo box, twenty-five Whistler Darts, and instructions.


It is a large blaster that has both a battery-powered automatic firing mode and a manual, single-fire firing mode which requires priming with a bolt. It is unique for using a belt system for loading and firing. It has three tactical rails: two on the sides of the blaster, and a third on top of the blaster. It features a detachable tripod which allows for the blaster to be used stationary on any flat surface like a turret. It has a large carrying handle on top of the blaster, which allows the blaster to be fired from the hip. It also has three clip points on it for use with a sling, bandolier, or another form of carrying device. One is located on top of the muzzle, another is located under the front of the blaster, and the last one is located at the end of the blaster.

The Vulcan has an ammo box on the side of it, which allows it to store its belt. However, if it is not loaded correctly it will easily jam. When fired without batteries it can reach the ranges equal to that of the Longshot CS-6. It is possible, though notably hard, to detach the ammo box, leaving only the belt.


The Vulcan can be modified to have a faster rate of fire, typically by increasing battery voltage. The belts can also be modified by linking belts together infinitely; however, due to bulk reasons, the common modified belts hold fifty darts, made of two twenty-five dart belts. The Vulcan's ammo box only holds twenty-five darts; thus with the dart belt mod, the user is forced to either leave the ammo box door open or use the Vulcan without an ammo box. Sometimes Modders circumvent this situation by modding a real military ammo box and attaching it to the Vulcan.

Color schemes

The Vulcan has been released with the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Vulcan, load up to twenty-five darts into its belt. Open the ammo box and Vulcan cover and load the belt correctly (logo face up) into the blaster. Close both lids in order (ammo box first, then the main firing cover).

Turn on the power button and pull the trigger to fire a dart. For single fire, turn off the blaster and pull the bolt back and forward all the way. Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


Vulcan Commercial00:16

Vulcan Commercial

The official Vulcan commercial.

  • This blaster is the second most expensive blaster in North America.
  • The Vulcan may have inspired the creation of the Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster and the Dart Zone Gatling Blaster.
  • The Vulcan BF-50 was the prototype for the Vulcan. It was used for promotional events only.
  • A newer version of the blaster has been released. The packaging description, which originally read "The Largest Full-Auto Nerf Blaster", was changed to "Full-Auto Belt-Fed Blaster". The newer version of the Vulcan notably has a higher firing range and better reliability.
  • It is the heaviest Nerf blaster ever sold.
  • The camo Micro Darts found in the Ammo Bag Kit seem to fit very stiffly into the belt canisters. This allows a great amount of air pressure to build up before the dart is fired, thus significantly increasing range and reliability.
  • It is featured in the video games Nerf N-Strike and Nerf N-Strike Elite.
  • It is possible to attach the Blast Shield from the Stampede ECS onto the blaster with the the top tactical rail by using either the light beam unit or the tactical scope, as they can both hold attachments.
  • It was the first N-Strike blaster to utilize batteries to fire. The previous battery-operated blasters, such as the Nite Finder EX-3 and the Firefly REV-8, used them only for aesthetic purposes and did not actually require them to fire in a certain position.


Vulcan ebf Vulcan Iron Sights Clearvulcan1
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