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Red Strike Vulcan EBF 25
Blaster typeSingle-fire electronic belt fed motorized direct plunger dart blasterRed-vulcan-ebf25
Ammunition typeSonic Micro Darts
FeaturesPackaged ammo box, packaged tripod, three tactical rails, three strap points, carry handle
Firing rangeThe Red Strike Vulcan oddly fires distances of about thirty-five to forty feet, noticeably more than the original Vulcan.[citation needed] It is also noted that using Duracell or other high-quality batteries will increase the fire rate and distance.
ReliabilityThe Vulcan has a complicated firing mechanism. Jams occur when a dart fails to leave the chain and gets stuck between the chain and barrel. Note that darts are likely to jam almost always if they are not packed into the cartridge tight enough. This results in not enough air flow and force getting to the dart. Therefore, the user should make sure to pack the darts tightly into each belt canister, because this will allow a great amount of air pressure to build up and launch the dart out the barrel, significantly increasing range and reliability. Low battery power often is the cause of jams too. A rare, lesser known jam that can occur consists in which the belt sometimes will not feed out of the other side of the blaster. To solve this problem, the blaster can be tipped over to the right slightly so that the belt continues to feed. The blaster is not likely to have problems if the user knows how to handle the Vulcan correctly.
Rate of fireThis blaster fires approximately three darts per second unmodified and with fresh batteries. However, it actually fires about four darts per second if Duracell or other high quality batteries are used and even higher rates can be achieved with higher-voltage batteries.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to twenty-five darts at a time. This was the highest capacity for a blaster before the Raider CS-35 came out. However, reloading the belts can be time-consuming.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Red Strike Vulcan performs better than other Vulcans, and it is unknown why. The Red Strike Vulcan, while being a collector's item, also sees a performance jump, which makes it more coveted compared to other variants of the Vulcan.

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