The Walkie Talkie Set is a Nerf-branded product set released by Sakar International. They require two 9-Volt batteries to use.

It comes packaged with two identical walkie talkies. However, this item can also be bought in single packs


These walkie talkies feature an N-Strike color scheme and contain a rugged design for efficient outdoor usage. The majority of the walkie talkies are plastic, however there are black rubber treads on the side for grip. The walkie talkies have a maximum range of a thousand feet.

Like similar accessories, they are not directly produced by Hasbro themselves. Instead, they are outsourced and licensed from Sakar International.


In 2013, they were re-released with an updated color scheme similar to that of the N-Strike Elite series; despite this, packaging branded it as an N-Strike product. Performance is said to remain unchanged. In 2016 another re-release of the Walkie Talkie Set took place, this time as an N-Strike Modulus product.

This would be the first known outsourced walkie talkie sold under the Nerf brand, though not the last; several further products would follow including the updated 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkie, Night Talkies, and even the Walkie Talkie Watch.

Color schemes

The Walkie Talkie Set has been released in the following color schemes:


See also


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