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The Walkie Talkie Watch is a Nerf product that was released in 2013.


It is a watch with a built in walkie talkie function. The set comes with two walkie talkies, both of which are identical. There is a small antenna which is extended when you need to communicate. The watches feature the typical N-Strike color scheme of orange and black. There is nothing about these walkie talkies that set them apart from other similar devices apart from the ability to strap to your wrist. The walkie talkie function works up to 50 metres away.

It is likely that, although this may be under the Nerf name, it was not actually made by Hasbro. Further evidence to support this is the logo on the box, which differs from the N-Strike logo, and resembles the logo used on the Disk Shooter.


The Walkie Talkie Watch was unveiled at the 2013 Toy Fair.


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