The Weather Blitz Flyer is a Nerf flying disc that was released under the Nerf Sports series.


It is a bright orange flying disc that is the official tournament size for a flying disc, and is designed to withstand the most rugged of games. The Weather Blitz Flyer is advertised to be tournament-size, and is made with a focus on grip. Unlike most Nerf Sports products and its predecessors, the Weather Blitz Flyer has only been released in one color scheme.


It had a predecessor in the form of the Turbo Screamer Flying Disk from 1992. Prior to that, the 1987 Unidentified Floppy Object could be considered another distant relative of the Weather Blitz Flyer.

In 2012, a successor to the Weather Blitz Flyer was introduced in the form of the Firevision Sports Flyer under the Firevision Sports line. Shortly after, the Sonic Howler Flying Disc was released under the Nerf Sports line.



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