The Web Slinger is a single-fire Nerf blaster that was released in 2013 to help promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film.

It comes packaged with one Bungee.


The blaster is a cannon that is meant to fire off a spread shot and mounts to the user's wrist for use. By pulling the trigger, the balls, attached by bolo wrap and bearing a strong resemblance to the ammunition used by the Nerf Bungee Blaster, are released from their position and launched. The balls are slightly different from regular Ballistic Balls and are more similar to Koosh Galaxy balls. It does not advertise a range on the packaging.

While bearing little resemblance to any Nerf product, it is advertised as "from the makers of Nerf" on the packaging.


Strangely, on its first known appearance on Entertainment Earth, it was known as the Bolo Web Attack Gauntlet. This name does not appear on the blaster's packaging, however.