The Whipshot is a pocket Nerf blaster that was released in 1996 under the Rip Rockets series.


It is a small blaster that has the ability to fold down its barrel so that it can be held in a pocket or concealed for sneak attacks. It, unlike many other Rip Rockets blasters, did not feature any ammunition holders.

Despite being released under a later year than most Rip Rockets blasters, it did not fit in with the "stealthy" items in the Ambush Rip Rockets line released the previous year and is generally believed to be just in the regular line.


The Whipshot was released alongside the Switchfire in November 1996. It was the only post-1994 Rip Rockets blaster not to have been given a re-release in 2001.


  1. Whipshot®.