Wingz is a series of Buzz Bee blasters that was introduced in 2014.

The series is a Target exclusive in the United States.[1]


Similar to Nerf Rebelle and X-Shot Pink Series, Wingz features blasters with a more feminine design. The blasters feature new ammunition, all of which feature the use of wings. All current blasters in the series are affordably priced and advertise a range of between thirty and thirty-five feet, depending on the blaster.


The title Wingz was trademarked in December 2013.[2] This trademark listing also reveals an early design of the series logo.

This series was revealed on July 23, 2014 by popular blogging website Blaster Labs.[1] A third blaster revealed at the time, the Rocket, is currently facing an unknown fate; it has not been seen since the original release of information.



Image Name Year
WingzDartLauncher Dart Launcher 2014
WingzLongBow Long Bow 2014

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