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The X-Shot Dart (and its variation the Xtreme Fire Dart) is the unofficial title for a type of Zuru ammunition.


The X-Shot Dart is a dart slightly smaller than a Buzz Bee Micro Dart and is used in many X-Shot blasters. The X-Shot Dart was the most common type of X-Shot ammunition until being replaced by the Excel Dart in 2013. A basic X-Shot Dart features a suction cup head that will stick to most smooth surfaces, even when fired at long range.

Xtreme Fire Dart

The X-Shot Dart served as the basis for a second X-Shot Dart known as the Xtreme Fire Dart. This dart is identical to the regular X-Shot Dart, although it instead features a whistling tip, very similar to the Nerf Whistler Dart. This dart is likely to offer a similar, if superior, performance to a regular X-Shot Dart, although the performance of the dart is unknown.


They were first introduced in 2011 with the X-Shot series; because of this, they were given the name "X-Shot Darts".

In 2013, it was replaced by the X-Shot Excel line's Excel Dart as the common dart type; this also carried over to the X-Shot Zombie and X-Shot Girl lines.

Refill sizes

X-Shot Dart refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Image Size Price
X-ShotDart12 12 ?
X-ShotDart30 30 ?
X-ShotDart80 80 ?


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