X-Shot Excel is a series of Zuru dart blasters that was released in 2013.


The X-Shot Excel series consists of re-releases of previous X-Shot blasters as well as new blasters, the first of which being the Scope. Packaged with new Excel Darts, the blasters boast a boost in performance. The Excel series may have been released to compete with Nerf's N-Strike Elite series due to similarities with re-released blasters and performance-enhancing darts (Elite Darts).

The series was released alongside two other X-Shot series: X-Shot Zombie and X-Shot Pink Series.

Excel blasters feature a yellow and blue color scheme.


While the X-Shot Excel line originally featured an updated variant of the Xcess with three cylinders, a feature not seen on other lines, the final production version lacked this.



Image Name Year
X-ShotDualExcel Dual 2013
X-ShotMicroExcel Micro 2013
X-ShotScopeExcel Scope 2013
X-ShotStalkerExcel Stalker 2013
TurboFireExcel Turbo Fire 2013
X-ShotVigilanteExcel Vigilante 2013
X-ShotXcessExcel Xcess 2013


Image Name Year
XShotExcelDart10 Excel Dart 2013

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