The XXP-175 is a Larami Super Soaker released in 1996 under the XXP series.


One of Larami's first attempts at making a multi-barreled soaker, the XXP-175 has two barrels side-by-side, each using a screw-on 750mL water tank (totaling 1500mL) sharing the same pump. Because of the two-tank system, refilling takes longer than with regular XP series blasters. It also has a Power Gauge, so that when the user pumps it, they can determine how much more pumping it needs until it is fully primed and ready to fire.


It was introduced in 1996 alongside the XXP-275. However, both are overshadowed in popularity by the CPS 2000, which was released the same year.

Reloading and firing

The XXP-175's water tanks must each be refilled separately, a time-consuming process. From there, the user would pump the blaster until fully pressurized, with the Power Gauge helping the procedure along. Afterwards, pulling the trigger would fire dual streams of water.


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