The XXP-275 is a Larami Super Soaker released in 1996 under the XXP series.


One of Larami's first attempts at making a multi-barreled soaker, but unlike the XXP-175, the XXP-275 used a single reservoir with a cap for easier refilling. The blaster also features a Power Gauge that allows the user to determine how much more pumping is needed to fully pressurize the blaster for a greater water yield. It also features a strap to make it easier to carry. 

Each of the XXP-275's barrels has a four-setting nozzle selector; Thin Stream (1x), Thick Stream (3x), Flat Stream (a fan sweep), and Spray Blast (a shower head style spray). The user can use two of the same type of nozzle setting on each barrel, or use different combinations of settings.


Because the XXP series was released around the same time as the CPS in 1996, it and the XXP-175 were quickly overshadowed in popularity by the CPS series soakers.

Reloading and firing

The user must remove the cap on the water tank and fill the tank with water from there. Then they would have to pump it several times until fully pressurized, with the pressure gauge making that process easier. From there, the user would pull back the lever to fire dual streams of water.




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