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A Z-Bomb is a Nerf-branded Perpetual Play Group product that was released in 2013 under the Zombie Strike series.

Each set of Z-Bombz comes packaged with two Z-Bombz. A "limited edition" one comes packaged within the Zombie Strike Starter Kit.


A Z-Bomb is very similar to that of a small Nerf Sports football, like a Turbo Jr. Football. They are small foam projectiles that are meant to be thrown at enemies. They may act as a Nerf "replacement" for socks within Humans vs. Zombies.


Z-Bombz were carried over to the Z.E.D. Squad sub-series, with the release of more variants in bomb styles.


Z-Bombz come in the following variations:

  • Grenade
  • Brick
  • Sawblade
  • Football, ripped in half with dynamite shoved in
  • "Limited edition" grenade/bomb (Zombie Strike Starter Kit)
  • Molotov (Z.E.D. Squad)
  • Sledgehammer head (Z.E.D. Squad)


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