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Zeus MXV-1200
Blaster typeSemi-automatic flywheel high-impact round blasterZeus
Ammunition typeHigh-impact rounds
FeaturesThree tactical rails, two strap points
Firing rangeThe Zeus fires at ranges of about eighty to eighty-five feet when the flywheels have been warmed up.[citation needed]
ReliabilityThe Zeus is almost impossible to jam, due to the horizontal position of the clip and the round ammo. However, some versions require opening the blaster if jammed. It is extremely accurate.
Rate of fireThe blaster fires up to three rounds per second.[citation needed] This severely decreases the range, but does not affect the accuracy.
CapacityThe Zeus holds up to twelve high-impact rounds in its included magazine.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Zeus is an amazing blaster, boasting long range accuracy and firing speed. It is a good, semi automatic alternative to the Apollo.

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