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Zombie Strike
Release information
Years active2013 - present
Product count24
Related seriesZ.E.D. Squad

Zombie Strike is a series of Nerf dart and disc blasters and Super Soakers that was released on August 4, 2013.


Some blasters in the Zombie Strike series have other series logos displayed on them; the Crossfire Bow and Sidestrike have the N-Strike Elite logo, whereas the Fusefire has the Vortex logo. Therefore, some of these blasters are considered recycled ideas and repaints of planned blasters.

This series features a new concept; Hasbro has designed this line to be based off of the Humans vs. Zombies game, featuring previously used ideas such as socks. Because of this, most of the blasters have designs on them such as wrappings on the handles, to add to the realism of the concept.

Super Soaker

In November, 2013, it was discovered that the Zombie Strike line would branch out to include other brands as well. The Super Soaker brand received its own version of the Zombie Strike line, starting off with a Zombie Strike twin pack of the previously-released Point Break.



Name Year
Hammershot Hammershot 2013
Sledgefire Sledgefire 2013
Crossfire Crossfire Bow 2014
Real doublestrike Doublestrike 2014
Fusefire-2 Fusefire 2014
ZStrikeJolt Jolt 2014
Ricochet Ricochet 2014
Ripshot Ripshot 2014
RoughCut-ZStrikegreen Rough Cut 2x4 2014
Sidestrike-2 Sidestrike 2014
Slingfire Slingfire 2014
FlipFury FlipFury 2015


Name Year
Blastersleeve-ZStrike Blaster sleeve 2013
ZBombDynamiteGearBox Z-Bombz 2013
ZombieStrikeZ-BombHolsterPackaging Z-Bomb Holster 2013
ZombieStrikeBandanaFinal Zombie Bandana 2013
P1030331 Zombie Machete 2013
DecoDart30 Zombie Strike darts 2013
ZStrikeStarterKit Zombie Strike Starter Kit 2013
10463746 648358561912318 4686493692893609338 o Rough Cut 2x4 2-Pack 2014
ZStrikeBlade Strikeblade 2014
Z-Bat Z-Bat 2014
JoltTarget Zombie Strike Target Set 2014

Super Soaker

Name Year
PointBreakZombieStrike Point Break 2013
Current Nerf series
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VortexZombie Strike
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