A Zombie Strike dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 2013.


Like Elite Darts, Zombie Strike darts are compatible with clips and drums. The first blaster to do so was the Slingfire.

They look similar to that of the N-Strike Elite Elite Dart and the Rebelle Collectible Dart. They are bright green in color; "Deco" versions of the Zombie Strike dart have the Zombie Strike "Z" logo on them, as well as the Nerf logo. As the name may suggest, they are the primary ammunition of the Zombie Strike series.

Unlike the very similar Elite Darts and Collectible Darts, a suction-tipped version has not been announced yet, and no plans for such a dart have surfaced so far.

Compatible blasters

There are seven blasters that use Zombie Strike Darts as their primary source of ammunition:

Refill sizes

Zombie Strike darts refill packs come in the following sizes:

Image Size Price
PTRU1-21013703 alternate1 enh-z6 12 6.99 USD
DecoDart30 30 9.99 USD

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